TikTok-for-business haters got it all wrong

TikTok-for-business haters got it all wrong

13-18 year olds today are so much more lucky than my generation when it comes to exposure to technology and knowledge.

When I was 13, the internet was just coming up. We used to wait for a minute or so for the dial up modem to connect and a 150 kB image downloaded for 15 minutes…I had to go to an internet café 30 minutes away from my home to chat and send emails, so that I don't take up the phone all evening. And it cost like 10 leva for an hour of internet…at 13 years, I was one year away from sharing a cell phone with my sister, which could only do calls and SMS and both were super expensive.

Today's 13 year olds have been born with a smartphone in their hand. Apps and social media are part of their daily life. They have the potential to do at 18, what we had to wait until 28-30 to be able to do. Boy, if I had the internet at my hands when I was in high school. I had to go to the library or the bookstore and find a book to read, if I wanted to learn something new.

So, yeah…talking about business on TikTok is not a bad idea. It is a very good idea, as kids are growing up with both.

Haters are just scared of change…they've always been and always will be. It's basic survival instinct, so I don’t judge them. But remember, in this day and age, it's much easier to make and facilitate change.

So, dear haters of TikTok, expect to be proven wrong much more often :)