My personal productivity boosting system

What I use on a daily basis to stay the most productive.

My personal productivity boosting system

I’m reaching my highest productivity levels when I separate my note taking from my task management.

I make a lot of notes...ideas, observations, plans and goals. I very often slip into recording them in the same space I use for task management. That’s usually a big mess, as it leads to me not working on any of the daily tasks as well as not working on any of my longer term activities 😂👍

For my daily tasks I use a Bullet Journal ( For those that are unaware, this is a note taking system that’s usually done with pen and paper. I use it for organising daily tasks.

Everything else lives in Trello. I have a board with 5 columns 👇

1️⃣ “Ice box”

Here I put all the stuff that I intend to do sometime in the near future. It’s not clear when and that’s why they’re put “on ice”. That’s usually where an entry starts it’s lifetime.

2️⃣ “On the menu”

Things get moved here from the ice box when I intend to start working on them or have already started. I keep a list of articles and other materials that I need to go through at some point.

3️⃣ “In the oven”

Here I keep the stuff I’m working on right now (or at least I wish I’m working on 😂).

4️⃣ “Processed”

Everything’s moved here after it’s been completed. At the end of the week, all entries are archived to keep them from being a distraction.

5️⃣ “Brain dump”

That’s the place for all things that have come to my mind that are not necessarily action items or anything in particular. Most of them are just ideas, through which I go through every now and then and archive the stuff that’s obsolete.

Out of all the many productivity systems and apps I’ve tried, this is what works best for me.

I’m interested to hear what other productivity enthusiasts like myself are using for their own flows 👨‍💻