Knowledge is not power

Knowledge is not power

It is the potential of power, but is not power in itself.

This is something I have struggled with a lot when I was younger and to some extent nowadays as well.

That’s what schools are not preparing you for, or at least not to a realistic extent.

That’s why you see many highly educated people, who are struggling in life. And at the same time you see even more poorly educated people living successful, happy and fulfilling lives. There is of course the case of educated people, being successful in life and that’s most probably because they understand the next part.

The real power is in action! It’s not knowing everything before you start. It’s not doing extensive research and analysing every angle before you make the first step. Some research, analysis and preparation is OK, but most importantly, we need to get to the action part as soon a possible. That’s where and when we learn the most.